The History of Hostelman.com

The idea to our service, to our website we had in autumn 2008 while we have tried to find a hostel in Istanbul (Turkey) for the same night. At this time it wasn’t possible to book a hostel online for the same day with our debit card. Some days later we have seen that it wasn’t possible in general to book a bed in a hostel with our debit card. With our backpacks we had to walk a long way up the hill to Beyoglu (a part of Istanbul) to find out that also the next hostel had no bed for us. Further, up the hill again we have found a hostel which had a place for us finally.

On the next day we have thought about what we can do to make sure that we will find a bed for to sleep without that we have to walkin’ many hostels and to listen that there is no free bed each time.

Some minutes later we have decided to establish a free directory where we will list all information about each hostel around the world. A directory for backpackers without enough time for to book in advance, for backpackers without credit or debit cards,… A directory with all contact information free for to use by you, with all necessary contact information (like websites, email addresses, reception desk and mobile numbers), photos, with a zoomable map, with a reservation form, a review and rating system, as well as the possibility for hostel owners to edit the information of their hostels by themselves.

After some weeks in Istanbul Joachim (some people called him Akim) traveled further to Kiev (Ukraine) and he has thought about it more and more. From this time he has spoken with a lot of hostel owners between Berlin, Istanbul and Kiev and in the following time he has developed the idea to a first preview. About this preview he has spoken in the following month’s also with a lot of other backpackers and step by step he has found the system like it is looking and working today.

After the system was working on a local computer we had to find the name of the service and the name of the website too. At this time we spent a lot of time for “brainstorming” in one of the best clubs in Kiev where we have got a pint for a quid at this time. And one day a Japanese with a British passport had the idea for the name of the website in the best Ukrainian pub at this time. Shohei (the name of the Britsh Japanese) has forgotten the name of Joachim each time, and Shohei has decided to call him just “Hostel Man” because Joachim was the guys who sit all day long in the hostel and has worked on our project.

Some days later the domain Hostelman.com was registerd.

At the moment we fill our database with information of hostels around the world, we are waiting for your reviews, and we are proud that already in the first month reservations for hostels were made by our site and users.

More about our history will follow soon, let us work on our sites for a while and you will see that we will have a lot of ideas which we will provide step by step.